'Escaping Stars' – Interview with Laëtitia Herbain

‘Escaping Stars’ – Interview with Laëtitia Herbain

Laëtitia Herbain’s short, ‘Escaping Stars‘, tells a story of a girl, whose world falls apart, sinks into madness and lost into herself into an imaginary world, when her lover left her. 
'Jonah' – Interview with Michael Maschina

‘Jonah’ – Interview with Michael Maschina

Michael Maschina short film, ‘Jonah‘, tells a story of two women in two different timelines – in 2015 and in 1943, evoking the fable of ‘Jonah and the Whale‘: a story which is common to both the Jewish and the Islamic culture.
'JC' – Interview with Matt Boatright-Simon

‘JC’ – Interview with Matt Boatright-Simon

Loyalty, honor and sacrifice are the main themes of Matt Boatright-Simon’s short film ‘JC‘, based on William Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar‘, using documentary footage, narrative photography and cutting-edge organic visual effects.
'Stella Erratica' – Interview with Ben Barton

‘Stella Erratica’ – Interview with Ben Barton

An interview with analogue director Ben Barton, who makes handmade films on super-8 cine film, about his latest project which was funded by the late David Bowie.
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Shorts for the Holidays

Shorts for the Holidays

Idén a Friss Hús Mikulása egy rövidfilmes adventi kalendáriumot hozott, vagyis egészen Karácsonyig minden nap közzétettünk Facebook-on egy filmet a korábbi fesztiválok magyar versenyprogramjából. Alább a teljes adventi válogatást lehet megtekinteni. // This year, the Santa Claus of Friss Hús brought a short film advent calendar, so we released a movie from our previous Hungarian...
6th Visegrad Animation Forum announces call for submissions

6th Visegrad Animation Forum announces call for submissions

The VAF Třeboň (May 1 – 3, 2018, Czech Republic) is the leading pitching event for animated film in the Central and Eastern Europe. As each year, animated projects in development compete in two categories: Short Films (single film less than 20 minutes long) and Series / TV Specials (web and TV series of any format and single films...
Bivalyerős a 14. Jameson Cinefest versenyprogramja

Bivalyerős a 14. Jameson Cinefest versenyprogramja

Idén tizennegyedik alkalommal rendezik meg a Jameson Cinefestet Miskolcon, ahol a pazar versenyprogram mellett életműdíjat kap Jiří Menzel, és a fesztivál vendége lesz Clint Eastwood lánya, Francesca Eastwood is.
The 8th Bridges Peloponnesian International Film Festival Calls for Entries

The 8th Bridges Peloponnesian International Film Festival Calls for Entries

The International Film Festival “Bridges”, member of the Cultural International Festivals, will be held in choice venues in Athens and other regions of Greece for the 8th consecutive year in collaboration with Municipalities and cinema clubs as well as the International Film Festival of Cyprus. It aims to bridge the gap in its relationships with the...
Mastering the Art of Independent Cinema

Mastering the Art of Independent Cinema

Renowned Canadian director Denis Côté (“Boris Without Béatrice”) to share his experience of maverick filmmaking with the EFP FUTURE FRAMES participants.
Call for Film Critics

Call for Film Critics

Do you want to live a multifaceted experience that binds together the different aspects of film criticism? Come to Lago Film Fest Film Criticism Workshop! You will be required to write short reviews for our printed dailies and longer features and/or interviews for our website.
'Your Future' – Interview with Jan Galli and Martin Rohé

‘Your Future’ – Interview with Jan Galli and Martin Rohé

Jan Galli’s short, ‘Your Future‘, is about a young refugee, Sami, who lives in a social apartment building for three month, where people from all over the world are accomodated. 
'Suffer' – Interview with Filip Terlecki

‘Suffer’ – Interview with Filip Terlecki

Filip Terlecki’s short, ‘Suffer‘, is a psychological thriller inspired by Stephen King’s short story called ‘Suffer the Little Children‘. 
'Mastoura' – Interview with Mohanad Diab

‘Mastoura’ – Interview with Mohanad Diab

‘Mastoura‘ by Mohanad Diab tells a story of two Egyptian women who narrate their life stories after they joined the Takaful & Karama Program.
'Mixed Messages' – Interview with James Popplewell

‘Mixed Messages’ – Interview with James Popplewell

In James Popplewell’s short, ‘Mixed Messages‘, two young professionals, who are sharing a flat in London, are flirting with one another. The chemistry is there, but is it the right timing?
'A Job Interview' – Interview with Antonis Glaros

‘A Job Interview’ – Interview with Antonis Glaros

Antonis Glaros’ short, ‘A Job Interview‘, takes place in Greece, during the hardship years of the economic crisis and the unemployment boost.
'The Fall' – Interview with Qihui Gong

‘The Fall’ – Interview with Qihui Gong

Qihui Gong’s short, ‘The Fall‘, is about hair and wigs: the desire for wigs comes and goes, from time to time, but the value of wigs and hair have become high today because of people’s desire to become beautiful.