There is something very brave in Nisi Masa script contest. Collecting together dozens of scripts from the world of half professional scriptwriters and taking the responsibility to produce the best three is a big thing. There aren’t many other contests, which offer the same. Working with this year’s topic “circle” the result was quite surprising. Reading the scripts I had the feeling of some depressed wave in Europe. All three winners are dealing with the topic of death, darkness, or the end of the world. These roots can be found of course in the so called classic European Arthouse Cinema, but still. I would not say that entertaining movies are necessarilly good, but sometime we should have fun instead of get down.

Beside all of these criterias let me congratulate to the winners of Nisi Masa Short Film Script Contest 2007:

– At Midnight Everything Stops Here (France, Just Philippot)

– Little Girl (Belgium, Léo Medard)

– Three Nights to beginning (Finland, Jarkko Virtanen)

( Nisi Masa is a network of young european filmmakers, and cinema enthusiast. We are really proud to have it as one are most important partners. A bunch of Nisi Masa films can be watched on Daazo in its special category: NISI MASA)