Our aim is to give you an alternative platform where your film will appear alongside its equals instead of viral videos or karaoke performances as it would on YouTube.

Daazo is specialized in short films. However, it’s not enough just uploading your films and waiting for the audience. Since in most of the cases you are the director, cameraman and editor of your films at the same time, you should realize that it’s necessary being your own producer and – most importantly – your own distributor. So don’t hesitate to use the advantages of the Web. Now it’s easier than ever to show your film to your friends, instead of organizing screenings or sending dvds.

We figured out something we believe in, called “Distribution Game”. On Daazo you can choose a date for your uploaded films and on this particular date your film will be on the main page for 24 hours for sure. No other site offers this. This way, you are your own distributor, releasing your film on the date you choose. We are pretty sure that you also have your accounts on the popular social-network sites (Facebook, Digg, Del.icio.us, not to mention the popular video blogs: Milk and Cookies, Videobomb, Spike, Infectious of Films etc.) – don’t forget to upload your artwork there, too. When your films are on Daazo, they are in a different context from appearing on a video site. It is a film site for film-makers. Daazo is visited by people who want to watch something more valuable than karaoke.

People are waiting for your film. Just let them know they can watch it on Daazo!