In the framework of Pécs2010 program and with the support of NKA, Kft. launches a flash animation competition. Prize money will be awarded to the top ten competitors.

Topic of the competition

According to competition terms 10 selected creators/workshops will have the opportunity to make 10×1 minute long flash animation films. At the end of the almost one and a half month long process all animation films will be linked by competition organizers into one 10 minute long film entitled Pécsi Flash.

First round, there can be only ten.
Competitors may nominate their animation films made in the past five years. The best 10 creators/workshops will be selected by viewers and the jury. Competition parameters are defined at the official website, see here.

Second round
There is only one criterion: the opening and closing scene must be based on a venue photo and a 1 minute long music selection must be included, too. The music selection and the photo gallery of venue photos will be available on the safe website of the competition before the start of the second round.

The result of a total prize money of one million HUF competition, a ten minute long film entitled Pécsi Flash will be presented at the Hungaroflash Festival taking place from 17th to 19th October 2008.

András Wahorn artist, musician, head of the jury, Balázs Gróf graphic artist, director of animation movies, Márton Hegedűs graphic artist, director of animation movies, Lazin Igor director of animation movies, producer, Géza M. Tóth director of animation movies, professor of the Moholy-Nagy University Of Art And Design Budapest.