clermont.jpgInternational Short Film Festival in Clermont Ferrand is waiting for your film till the 15th of October.  The only way you are able to apply is via Shortfilmdepot. (We at Daazo are always happy to realize the tight relation between the ‘online world’ and the ‘world of shorts’.)

This film festival itself is maybe the coolest (short) film festivals, it used to say that it is the ‘Cannes of short films’. It was the world’s first International short film festival which originated in 1979. This festival which brings thousands of people every year (137.000 in 2008) to the city is the second French film Festival after Cannes in term of visitors, but the first one regarding the number of spectators (as in Cannes visitors are not allowed in theatres, reserved to professionals). This festival has revealed many young talented directors now well-known in France and even internationally such as Mathieu Kassovitz, Cédric Klapisch or Éric Zonka.

In 2009, the festival will celebrate its 31th anniversary and will present three competitions mixing film and digital medium, thus bringing greater diversity to the short film format – diversity being its basic principle, its source of uniqueness and vitality.

So apply, go there, send your stories and photos to the World of Shorts magazine!