tourSince a while we are thinking about how nice it would be to produce a short fiction films. Now we are proudly inform you that we produced our first short film, directed by Balázs Simonyi. Daazo works as a co-producer in the project since the script is co-written by Zoltán Aprily, one of the founders of the site. Of course, Daazo sponsored the film financial wise too.  A workshop (Celluloid Workshop) being held every year in Hungary set the technical and equipmental framework for the production. The shooting took place in Miskolc and Emőd in Hungary.

The 12 mins long comedy film “Tour” is a tale about a man who dared to dream, a tale about a surveyor and hobby-cyclist, who believes that one day he will be able to ride 183 kilometer, just as pro’s do at Tour de France.

Well, the film is in the box and ready to start its festival circle and we hope it will earn many awards.

We will let you see a short preview from the film soon. Stay tuned!