This week we present a film of the great BuSho archive again – Absence by Ákos Mester. It was in competition in 2006 – got a Special Mention by the jury. It’s not a coincidence! The super 8 format gives the perfect atmosphere of the cute story, which has a perfect rhythm indeed. A three minutes long short by heart!

It is not the first by Ákos Mester on Daazo. A few months ago we premiered Aqua Run, which is the direct opposite of Absence – a  dark thriller. So Ákos has already proven his talent in several genres. Carry on filming, Mr. Mester!

Ákos Mester’s Filmography:

mester_akos.jpg – My Short, But Tough Life (2008) – Cinematographer

– The Last Beautiful Film (2007) – Cinematographer

– Aqua-Run (2006) – Director

– Absence (2006) – Director