The work of the young director was chosen as the best Hungarian short film by the Hungarian Film Critics’ Associtation in 2007. It also earned prizes at the Cleveland, Leuven and Valladolid Film Festivals. The film was selected to more than 80 film festivals worldwide and was screened with success in German and French cinemas.

The success of the film lies in the pure storytelling without using any dialogues, its narration built on a single gag, its special atmosphere. All of these elements are present in the original short story of András Nagy Bandó, which was adapted to screenplay by Márton Szirmai.

“A delicious recipe for a quick lunch, from a vanishing age, served fresh and hot at a roadside shack.

Sharing a meal like this with anyone should be a pleasurable thing. Except when it has a suprising twist…” – Márton Szirmai

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– Born Loser (Tv series – 3 episodes 2007)

– Szalontüdő (2006)

– The Treasure of Pécs City (2006)