As young filmmakers are trying out their skills while making a short film, their topic is often related to sexual life, problems, issues. Right now I selected a couple of films out of the competition, which  all deal with the topic in different, but a very proffesional way. They all manage to prove that sexuality is an important, living topic we should talk about. Especially for youngsters, it is probably one the central question their life. 

“Der Prinz” proves that it is possible to handle a heavy topic in a light, humorous way. Still it manages to create a very dizzying, uncomfortable atmosphere. The story of two adolescent girls in Rome, who meet an older man (introducing himself as a gay, royal family member) shows us a deep problem of sexually abused children. As one of actresses of the film, Jytte-Merle Böhrnsen pointed it out after the screening; “It is an important topic to deal with, because many youngsters are abused sexually, but maybe they themselves realise these after a couple of years. It is not necessary for them to take part in such a situation, but they do it, because they are curious, extremely interested in sex”. The film is directed by Petra Schröder.

Der Prinz

The American short film “Dish” also deals with youngsters, but in a different way. Its sexual topic is set in a latino Emo subculture, Los Angeles. Israel, the main character of the film is interested in having his first sexual (homosexual) relationship. His and his friend’s sexual attitude emphasises a cultural issue also. The  lifestyle of their subculture, trough which their identity is built up is proposing the question whether its style and trends are able to overwrite all of Israel’s natural instincts. What is more important, his hairdo, or having sex in an uncomfortable way? Our hero, Israel is definitely is under a social pressure and it seems that he is not ready yet for sexual experimenting. The film is directed by Brian Harris Krinsky.


The animation “Birth” is the second work of Signe Baumane. In her animation she manages to tell the problem of unwanted pregnancy in a humorous way, fully packed with creative, visual ideas, visual metaphors of situations. Baumane had a short film on the topic of sex last year in competition. Now she steps forward and she manages to confront and even provoke the audience with its graphical, and narration style. With every images of the film the director says that we should never deny to talk about sexual issues, because they are natural part of our lives. Although it is maybe not a fair comparison, but the film Jade (dir:Daniel Elliot), which won the the Silver Bear this year has a very similar topic. It deals with it in a more heavy, more “arthouse” way though. It was interesting to see the different approach the two directors had.


by Zoltán Aprily