cannescompetitionlogLet’s  take a look of this year’s short film competition of Cannes International Film Festival.  We think it is very useful to have an overview of the selected films. And even if we can not watch them right now, to read their synopsis’ might give us an idea of what kind of short film topics are appreciated in the A-category film industry. So here are the short films in competition.

Set in a 1970s coastal town, The Six Dollar Fifty Man follows Andy, a gutsy 8 year-old boy who is forced to break out of his make-believe superhero world to deal with playground bullies.

Daniel BORGMAN – LARSOG PETER-15′ Denmark
Lars (9) is naïve and innocent, all he wants is for his father to be happy and his family to be together. Lars’ mother is gone and life has been empty and dysfunctional without her.

On the eve of his birthday, Lars’ dad, Peter, gets himself drunk and after an embarrassing argument with the next-door neighbour, Alma, ends up masturbating in the backyard. Lars sees everything.

Two men, dressed in football-tricot, wander through nature. As they go astray, they meet a woman on the road. Overwhelmed by her beauty, they perist in her joining them.

The beginning of something or nothing, perhaps. Few words, not much else.

Jochem DE VRIES – MISSEN -12′ The Netherlands
A 7-year old girl is taken to school by her mother. Today is the day that the young girl will go on a school trip with her class. In everything we feel that bringing her daughter to school isn’t a very ordinary occasion for the mother.

Jean-Christophe LIE – L’HOMME A LA GORDINI-10′ France
End of the 70’s, an imaginary suburb, the custom is to wear neither underwear nor trousers, only orange tops. With the help of a masked rebel driving a blue R8 Gordini, Mister R and his wife plot a radical clothing revolution and the assault of monochromic orange totalitarianism.

Goran ODVORCIC – CIAO MAMA-10′ Croatia
A single Mother is leaving her young Daughter to go on a trip with her new lover. The Daughter overcomes the fear of abandonment and in the state of bewilderment does whatever is necessary to provoke her Mother; make her acute to their needs and re-question their roles and relationship. The Daughter lightly resorts to the threats of suicide, asks her father to move in with him – saying anything that will arouse her mother.

Laila PAKALNINA – KLUSUMS-14′ Latvia
Unfortunatly we could not find a synopsis for this film.

João SALAVIZA – ARENA-15′ Portugal
Mauro is under house arrest. Tattooing helps him while away the time.
Three local kids taunt him through his window. Outside, the midday sun beats down.

Emma SULLIVAN – AFTER TOMORROW-15’United Kingdom
Returning to the village of his estranged wife, James grows increasingly concerned when the sinister owner of the guest house refuses to let him leave. A psychological suspense with a surprising yet moving denouement.