Nisi Masa finally selected the short films for its Matter of Taste programme at the Lago Film Festival. Many of the films can be viewed on

Stort’ – by Joris Hoebe, The Netherlands

Silent Consent – by Alessandro Bianco, Italy

Tripe and Onions – by Márton Szirmai, Hungary

Brei Brumm Bumm (Mash goes Splash) – by Elise Klement, Germany

A film From my Parish – by Tony Donoghue, Ireland

For All the Tea in England – Kerry Mcleod, UK

Pogacha – by Balint Mark Turi, Hungary

Pasta Day – by Elizabeth Rocha Salgado, The Netherlands

Fish Eye – by Margot Buff, Czech Republic

Semolina Halva – by Ezgi Kaplan, Turkey

Cum Pane – by Anne Linder, Sweden

Tropezones – by David Macian & Eduardo Molinari, Spain

Devouring Reality – Melissa Suarez del Real, Spain

Sa Cage – by Luz Diaz, Belguim

The Market – by Ana Husman, Croatia

Cravings – by Andreas Lindergard, Sweden

Ma petite cuisine – by Maryline Poux, France

La Torta – by Stefan Archetti, Italy

Mc Russia – by Andrei Tanase, Georgy Groshkov & Florian Krebs (Romania, Bulgaria and Germany)

Apple & Ei – by Ahmet Tas, Germany

Congratulation! For more information about the Matter of Taste project visit its official website: