The History of Aviation has been invited to prestigious American film festivals, such as the New York, the Hamptons and the Chicago event. Paris’ Forum des Images will also screen Bálint Kenyeres’ latest short.

Bálint Kenyeres’ The History of Aviation will be introduced by the most prestigious American film showcases in the forthcoming weeks. The Hungarian-French coproduction is programmed at the 47th New York Film Festival. The latest short directed by Bálint Kenyeres will be presented among this year’s outstanding movies at the Lincoln Center on the 26th September.

Following the New York premiere, the Hamptons festival will also screen the latest film of the European Film Award winner Hungarian director (Before Dawn, 2006). The Hamptons Film Festival kicks off on the 8th October.

The American tour of The History of Aviation will continue with the Chicago IFF, where the short got invited in the competition.

Simultaneously with the American premieres, the Forum des Images in Paris will also screen Bálint Kenyeres’ short movie. The History of Aviation will be presented on the 25th September at the prestigious screening location in the French capital.

via Magyar Filmunió