Braunschweig, Brest, Cottbus – Three international movie fests awarded Hungarian films this weekend.

23rd Braunschweig International Film Festival
The short film music award, “The Leo” went to Mama by director Géza M. Tóth, composer Attila Pacsay and sound designer Imre Madacsi.

The complete jury statement:
“On the roof of a high building a young woman hangs up the washing, on piece after the other. With each piece she pushest he line a little further – at the same time the neighbouring buildings in the background follow – until she reaches the beginning of the line. The entire scene is shot with fixed camera but moves nonetheless – just like in the tricks in the silent movies.
Starting with a loud city street atmosphere with honking horns, street cars, crying babies, talking people, telephone rings and other every day life sounds a rhythmic structure emerges. The more we dive into the young woman’s world, the more the rhythmically aggressive sounds disappear. Slowly a world opens where melodiousness comes to the foreground. Every time the woman reaches the end of the line, a short moment of silence occurs. Until sounds such as the woman’s heavy breathing and the street sounds return. We have come full circle.
The varied concept of music, sound design and atmosphere is consistent and well structured. The acoustic design takes over a mayor part of the story telling, so that an organic work of direction, sound design and composition sensibly balanced evolves.”

24th Brest European Short Film Festival awarded “Prix du Moyen Métrage” to The Dinner, a Hungarian-US coproduction directed by Karchi Perlmann.

19th FilmFestival Cottbus
The Jury of the Short Feature Competition voted for Pici Papai’s Coming Out as winner of the Main Prize. Eleven nominees with a length of less than 30 minutes from ten Eastern European countries competed at FilmFestival Cottbus ended on 14th November.

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