The 8th International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Docudays UA will be held
March, 25—31, 2011 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The Festival is a strictly non-profitable event. Its main aim is promotion of open social
dialogue, respect to human rights and dignity, strengthening supremacy of law in the Ukraine.

Organizers will concentrate equally on both artistic merit and human rights content. Acceptance
or rejection films is totally depend upon the artistic and topical value of the films. The Festival
has both competitive and non-competitive programs.

For Art Competition and Human Rights Competition – only films completed after 1st January
2010 may be submitted to the selection.

For Non-Competitive Program – the Festival does not limit the term of production and release of
film. The main condition is that a film must not be demonstrated in Ukraine earlier.

Please, do not offer films produced for order of organizations or projects. Films that serve as
vehicles of political or social propaganda, promote interests of public campaigns, lobbying
factions or business companies, films that are principally instructive or didactic will be rejected

Participation in other festivals will not preclude documentary films from participation in
Docudays UA.

There are two competitive categories: Art Competition and Human Rights Competition.

The Non-Competitive Program is composed of retrospectives and thematic categories.
The Festival will present:
– Best films of New Documentary language
– Best films on human rights protection
– Special projects
– Documentary Co-production
– Workshop
– Master classes delivered by leading experts in documentary

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