Taught by director Gergő Fonyó, screenwriter András M. Kovács, and editor/producer Gábor Kertai
Location: Budapest
January 27-30

This course will teach you how to make a short film. By the end of the course you will have planned shot, and edited a short film with your small group.

Nowadays there is no excuse not to make the short film you have been telling your friends and family you are going to make for the last five years. With the arise of digital camera and editing, and the amount of actors out there, it is actually easier to make a short film, than explain to people why you haven’t made it.  The only way to learn about film making is to make films.  This course will take away all the confusion about shooting short films and complications that you might think exist.

This course is limited to 10 students inorder to ensure a productive work environment.  The class will be divided into 2 groups. The first two evenings will encompass development of script and planning of the shoot.  The 3rd day will be a full day of shooting.  On the final day the students will edit their films and then evaluate the final product.   Equipment, actors, and instruction will be provided.

For more information about the course in Hungarian visit the Raindance Budapest website , or write to daniel@raindance.org.

Who should attend:
Anyone who has a basic understanding of how to shoot but has yet to make a short film.

People in other departments (sound, production, editing etc) who feel they want to know more about actual film making rather than just talking about it all day long.

Anyone thinking about making their own short film, but lacking experience and confidence – Do this course first and then your short film will be a thousand times better. *

Also people who are passionate about films, but have never had the opportunity to actually make one – it is never too late to start!