The 15-minute-long film, shot in Kurdish, follows two young boys selling pigeons to the believers in the marketplace. After buying them the believers release the birds for religious reasons and later the boys collect the pigeons and take them home to be sold again.

Interview with Arin Inan Arslan

What is your short film about?

As it can be understood from the name of the film it is about considering all the possibilities before the sunrise and seeking hope. The film takes its name from the book of Erst Bloch Das Prinzip Hoffnung. The film’s title is Arpeggio Ante Lucem.
There is a civil war in our country for a long time. Every living thing that is in this war encounter its share. İn this film we tried to see what kind of difficulties they had encountered. We wanted to tell something about the tragedy of people that were evacuated from their hometown, about the unemployment of youth, about their meeting a new life unfamiliar to them and therefor taking drugs and leading a hopeless life.

What kind of approach to the story was important for you as a director?

The most important thing that effected me in the story were the tame birds in the books of Elias Canetti and Yasar Kemal. Yasar Kemal has a short novel titled the Bird’s Gone. Canetti also tells about the liberation ceremony of birds in Buddhist temples in his novel Die Blendug. This is a deception and a global one. At first people catch and tame birds later they liberate them as if it would be a favor. But the birds can not go.That is what effected me. Why a living thing can not fly even if it has wings? The position of the people that I mentioned in my first answer is somehow like this. They all have a chance (wings ) to go (fly) their homeland but they can not go.

What is the financial background of the film? Was it easy to get it?

Half of the expenses was supplied by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Turkey.The rest was put together with the help of our friends and using our own potential. The short film sector is not taken seriously in Turkey and is not even considered as cinema. All short film makers suffer from this .

How was the shooting of the film? (A nice story?)

The shooting of the film was quite enjoyable. One of the most enjoyable but stressful scene was in the ruins where actors were having alcohol. It was late at night and two drunk by-passers came to the ruins arguing about ongoing matter. Though they later recognized us and apologized for it, then brought us a bottle of tea.

What do you expect from the Berlinale?

My expectation from the Berlinale is to discuss our ideas that are filmed in some way and put them into words globally. Because I believe that our film not only requires an emotional approach but a conceptual discussion. I wish that the Berlinale would give us a chance to share our ideas. On the other hand I expect to get together with directors and producers who share the same ideas as we do, but also to meet others who have worked at the shooting of films and share our experiences.