Workshop and Screenings from the organisers of EuShorts Film Festival

This spring Budapest is welcoming young artists from Iceland, France, England and Poland to join forces with a couple of Hungarian creatives within the framework of the Moving Districts European Audiovisual Workshop organized by the creators of EuShorts Film Festival. The workshop is open to anybody interested in making short films or in thinking about cities around us. You can follow the teams’ working process online on and see the final results live as well.

The aim of the initiative is to create a platform for young artists from different countries to communicate and create art using the city of Budapest as an inspiration for their works. The participants teamed up have to make a visual portfolio about the city which can be screened on buildings at the final event. Furthermore they have to make short films in teams also inspired by any of the districts of Budapest. The final program is going to be on 26th March in the Fogasház in Budapest. From 8 p.m. on all the portfolios made by the teams can be watched and all participants are open to discussions.

The workshop also accompanies a mini short film festival called EuShorts Likes: Horror and Porn on 24th-25th March in the Kino Mozi in Budapest. If you happen to be in town check it out!

You can find more information about the workshop and the short film festival on the official website.

Would you have any more questions feel free to contact: or