The Very Basics that Every Filmmaker Should Know

The ultimate place for a low-budget, independent-minded filmmaker to learn the tricks about filmmaking for free is Raindance. Though they deal with a lot of things (training courses, seminars, feature film projects, film festivals and awards) the best is that they provide practical  information about all aspects of filmmaking free of charge. These are the so called “How to Tips” for writers, producers, directors and general filmmaking tips.

Here is a selection about the best posts you can find on the site.

Things Filmmakers Should Know About Screenwriting But Usually Don’t: it’s a witty piece by the Raindance founder Elliot Grove that collects the common mistakes producers commit when dealing with a script, tells the very basics of scriptwriting and gives you ideas about how to get the job done fast, properly and without yelling.

Low Budget Film Guide: a compilation of the must sees for any aspiring filmmaker with the budgets included. The list includes Living In Oblivion a fable that demonstrates what can and will go wrong on a low budget film shoot and such classic examples of zero budget “blockbusters” like El Mariachi, The Blair Witch Project or Primer.

9 Routes to Breaking In As a Film Director: a useful guide to orient yourself, it shows you all the options to put yourself on the very map of the film industry. It’s worth considering all the ways when launching your career as a director. The compilation also offers some examples of directors who chose that certain way and became a hit.

10 Things a Filmmaker Needs Every Day: it’s about the basic craft that a filmmaker can’t miss without loosing something bigger and more important. Look at the list and check your stuff. Missing anything? Get it asap!