The “City In My Mind – Regional Short Film Contest” organised by the Hungarofest Nonprofit Ltd. and held on has finished. The City in My Mind project focused on seven chosen cities, on the exact places that gave home to the “European Day” held on 8th May 2011. The film entries must have been connected to the cities mentioned before. Each of the seven cities counted as a different category, and the jury declares now a winner for each of them. The best films will be awarded with a Samsung Galaxy Tab  touch-screen tablet device provided by and Hungarofest. In addition, the most popular film, which collected the most votes on (including and Facebook “likes”) will be awarded with the Audience award. The contest was held in the frame of the Hungarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

The winning short films of the seven cities chosen by the jury are the following:

Sepsiszentgyörgy (Sfântu Gheorghe):
Timelessness (Időtlenség) by Sándor Nagy B.

Eszék (Osijek):
What I’d Give for Osijek by John P. Meyers

Magyarkanizsa (Kaniža):
Angelic Little Brides (Angyali kismenyasszonyok) by Attila Iván

Nagyszőlős (Vynohradiv):
Nagyszőlős – My City (Nagyszőlős – Az én Városom) by Gábor Ember

Lendva (Lendava):
Lendva by Gábor Miho

Párkány (Štúrovo):
Experiences … shared by Tamás Rétlaki, Balázs Sasvári

Alsóőr-Felsőőr (Unterwart-Oberwart):
One Sleepy Sunday Evening (Egy álmos vasárnap este) by Ádám Kecskés

The winner of the Audience award:
The Dream City – Sepsiszentgyörgy (A megálmodott város) by Levente Mihály Ürmösi

Congratulations to the winners and to all participants!

The winning short films and all the entries can be watched