Behind the Scenes at the Cannes Film Festival

Ghost is a story about a man hiding out in an empty house. The man, who is chased by the police, is caught up in a fantasy with extreme hunger and anxiety. However, what he faces at the end is the darkest side of himself.

You also have the writer’s credit on your short film. How did the story come to you?

Over the past few years, the center of my films has always been the man in the alienated position. I didn’t intentionally go travelling to meet the characters, but after each journey, those characters remained most intense in my memory. 5 years ago, the main character of a film of mine was a disabled man who was searching for a woman through online chatting. The next work, which was a dance film, dealt with a man who played an empty plastic bag abandoned on the cement floor. Recently, news of criminals who were convicted for sexual assault in redevelopment areas have become quite frequent. Meanwhile, my trip to Pusan, a big city in Korea last year made me recall a man who was hiding in an empty house since the city was filled with redevelopment areas.

Tell us a little bit about the production of the film. What kind of difficulties did you have to face while shooting?

Funding was the biggest problem. Not only this film, but also the other films I’ve made had the same problem. People here thought my films were too weird, and some of them said it wasn’t worthy to invest money in a film made by a young director who hadn’t even graduated from a film school. Therefore, the entire budget came out from my pocket.

What do you expect from the Cannes Film Festival?

It’s always nice to meet various people who have a different perspective toward my film. I can learn from them, and expand horizons. Also, I really like to make friends at festivals because I’ve been working independently after dropping out of school at the age of 14.

Are you planning your first feature film or do you want to keep on doing shorts?

Yes; I’m planning to make a first feature film. I hope I can have the opportunity to do it soon!

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