Tricks&Tips on how to Get Your Film Distributed and Marketed Online

On the occasion of our new Impossible Film Contest, where we invited the Short Film Corner participants of the Cannes Film Festival to upload their films on and compete for a wide audience, we collected the most important things a filmmaker needs to know about online distribution and marketing.

1. Go Social! Post your film on social networking sites keeping in mind that Facebook is the most important of all! Take advantage of your friends, ask them to comment and share your film and get use of the network effect to reach new people!

2. Utilise your crew! Make sure that everyone associated with the film and consequently interested in its success knows about your plan and shares the film with their social networks.

3. Target key influencers! Email a few major blogs and news sites that share an interest in the film’s topic or technique. The most important thing is to look professional. Craft the email well, include a well-written teaser description, highlight the context of making of the film, add some information about you as a director, a hi-quality image and the link to your film.

4. Don’t give up! We know that it’s a lot of hard work, but continue reaching out to new people during the whole promotion period!

5. Capture your fans! Once you found your target audience and reached the right community that likes your film, you must engage them and keep them informed. Set up a website with additional info and create a Facebook page for news updates! It’s also important to link your film’s page to the website and to the Facebook page. Then you can start communicating with people interested in your project and building a fan base. Good to know that once you have a loyal fan base launching your next film is going to be easier!

If you are a participant of the Impossible Film Contest, then good work to you!

Though, if you are a member of the audience, you have the most important role to perform: voting for the best!

All competing films are available now on
Voting is open until 00:00pm 22nd May.

Vote for the best film and help making the impossible possible!