Behind the Scenes at the Cannes Film Festival

An offbeat comedy about a professional ukuleleist and his annoying manager who are in the process of recording a children’s folk album. At essence, the film is about the glory and absurdity of pursuing a hopeless

How did the two of you work together as co-writers and co-directors?

For the most part, we did everything as a team. Pre-production and writing was very much a collaborative effort. On set, we both actively communicated our vision to the crew. We didn’t do much in terms of delegating responsibilities. Ultimately, we just wound up spending a lot of time together.

This film heavily relies on characters, so casting must have been an important issue. How did you pull it off?

We cast ourselves.

What do you expect from the Cannes Film Festival?

We have no expectations from the Cannes Film Festival, but we are eagerly looking forward to it.

What are your plans for the future?

We are currently at work developing a feature film based on the short. Ideally, we would like to shoot it in the summer of 2012.

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