Behind the Scenes at the Cannes Film Festival

A boy whose only family is his elder brother has sex with a man for money. Caught short of cash, the man suggests they meet again the following day and asks for his number. But the boy’s cell phone has been confiscated by his brother who won’t give it back.

How would you describe your film?

I want my films to be seen as a poetry for those who have to fight for their happiness, and an attempt to closely depict the hidden part of life that people don’t usually like to talk about.

What kind of approach to the story was important for you as a director?

I am interested in human nature in its deepest aspects. Naturally, it is important for me to observe and describe the lives of people in detailed reality. Their actions, especially the ones that are tabooed by society are what mostly make up my films. Besides, those who make such actions usually end up facing ironical situations that vividly unveil the problems in our current society. It is the only way for me to appeal to the audience and convey certain emotions.

What kind of difficulties did you have to face while shooting?

The main problem is finance. In addition, there’s always the matter of the gaps between what I pictured in my head and the images I got in the end. I am not very familiar with technical stuff either, and it’s also hard for me to control the film crew because sometimes I can’t be angry even when I should be.

What do you expect from the Cannes Film Festival?

I am very excited about being actually invited to the Cannes Film Festival, which I only used to read about in magazines and stuff. Besides, being able to be at the same place with such filmmakers as Pedro Almodóvar and Gus Van
Sant is an honor for me. I am also expecting to see all the various works of filmmakers from around the world at Cannes..

Are you planning your first feature film or do you want to keep on doing short films?

Once I’m more settled as a filmmaker, I would like to make both feature and short films. Of course, making a feature film that can be screened in major theaters has been my dream, but short films do have their unique attractions. Considering the realities, I assume I will make a couple of more short films before I’m able to make a feature film, if given a chance.

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