A new way to write films, in Romania

StradaFilm in collaboration with Policy Center for Roma Minorities and the Script association, supported by the European Union, is launching a script laboratory in Romania, Strangers Script Lab, which will take place this year in two locations of the country, from July to October.

The purpose of Strangers Script Lab is to achieve professional screenplays that have the potential to become successful films, while also creating a valuable learning experience that will further encourage young Romanian writers to interact with people from various artistic fields.

Professional and non-professional screenwriters are invited to visit the site www.strangerslab.eu, go to the Apply section and fill in the application with a ten page treatment, a 3-5 pages sample from a previous work (literature, screenplay, playwright etc.), their personal CV, and a photography, following the Rules section.

This year’s focus is on ethnical discrimination. To be eligible, your treatment must include this theme.

Five screenwriters will be selected to participate in the laboratory,  where they will develop their projects from the treatment stage to a final draft version of a feature length script, under the guidance of field experts.

The lab’s guests will consist of lecturers from the European film industry, and as well as important people from the Romanian media, cultural and artistic scene, along with students which will take part in focus groups that will openly debate the 5 proposals for the Laboratory.

In the end, a jury will award the best script with 2000 Euros. This is a free of charge laboratory. All costs will be suported by the organisers.

The call for entry for Strangers Script Lab has been launched today, May 16th 2011.

This project was presented at the Cannes Film Festival by the organizers.

The deadline for submission is June 15th.