A final hint of the 10th Kecskemét Animation Film Festival

After spending a couple of days watching animation I kind of have the feeling that reality is jut not good enough. I could dive into those colorful worlds and watch them on and on forever. Though it has to stop sometime, and here it comes the report of the very last day of KAFF.

We started with the selection of Cartoon d’Or Nominees 2010 and we immediately fell in love with a couple of pieces. Angry Man by Anita Killi is a tough story told by fascinating pictures that takes the hardboiled events to a fairy tale land and that makes it really good. It’s a film about secrets that shouldn’t be secret. When the mommy-fish dies, Boj has had enough, and gets power from his own fantasy to go further. We also enjoyed the idea of Francois Alaux’s Logorama that takes place in a version of Los Angeles comprised entirely of corporate logos. For the chasing story of an armed criminal Alaux won the 2010 Oscar for Best Animated Short Film. The Tale of Little Puppetboy by Johannes Nyholm was quite funny. Puppetboy is sweating floods of clay, preparing for a lady’s visit. He becomes even more nervous when she arrives. It’s a claymation drama in four episodes.

Angry Man by Anita Killi

The section was followed up by the Best of Annecy 2009 programme. It was quite various in quality, though we liked a couple of them. The Man in Blue Gordini by Jean-Christophe Lie takes place at the end of the 70’s in an imaginary suburb, where the custom is to wear neither underwear nor trousers, only orange tops. With the help of a masked rebel driving a blue R8 Gordini, Mister R and his wife plot a radical clothing revolution and the assault of monochromic orange totalitarianism. Log Jam is a brilliant series by Alexei Alexeev about a bear, a rabbit and a wolf jamming in the forest. For Sock’s Sake by Carlo Vogele is also a cutie about a sock that falls from the clothesline and goes clubbing.

Log Jam by Alexei Alexeev

The last block we attended was Music and Animation / Films selected by Normand Roger composer. Normand Roger is a Canadian composer, sound editor and sound designer. He is particularly known for his work as a composer of soundtracks for animated films, having composed more than 200 such works since 1970. Thirteen of his works have been nominated for Academy Awards, of which six have won. He has chosen a couple of nice pieces for this collection Lost in Snow by Vladimir Leschiov and Village of Idiots by Eugene Fedorenko and Rose Newlove.

Village of Idiots by Eugene Fedorenko and Rose Newlove

The 10th Kecskemét Animation Film Festival ended with a huge ceremony where the awards were given to the following artist. A part of KAFF is the 7th Festival of European Animated Feature Films and TV-specials. The main prize of Kecskemét went to Jirí Barta for In the Attic. The winner of Best Feature Film was Dominque Monféry for Eleonora’s Secret. The Best TV-special became Esterházy by Izabella Plucinska. The Student Jury’s prize was given to Chico and Rita.

Zenit by Éva M. Tóth

The European programme was followed by the Hungarian prize-list. The Jury’s Prize were given to István Illés for track32. The Best Short Film award went to Éva M. Tóth for Zenit.

For more information and the complete list of the winners visit: http://www.kaff.hu/news/read/88/