A Glimpse of the 10th Kecskemét Animation Film Festival

Having Daazo.com based in Hungary we can’t be not interested in Eastern European short films and we kind of feel an urge to check out what the neighbor countries do anytime we can. So we kicked off the next day with a block titled From Year Zero to Ten – Selection of Czech Short Animation. There were mainly student films from FAMU, correct pieces, but nothing special, though we loved From the Lives of Mothers by Kristina Dufková. A story about a reckless offspring, its caring care-laden mother, and how mothers’ lives can become a big mess.

From the Lives of Mothers

Then we went back to watch something from the Hungarian Competition Programme. This time it was the block of Music Video, Applied Animation. Though the selection wasn’t as high standard as we expected, but at least we had the chance to become familiar with bands like Watch My Dying. The lead of the field was unambiguously a video clip from The Kolin titled Jimmy made by Danila Kostil. Then we went on the road of applied animation with singnals and TV spots at the Kiskakas Animation Celebration 2010 motion ID selection. The very best were created by László Csáki and Szabolcs Pálfi for the Titanic Film Festival and we also loved the ones made for MTV Hungary.

Titanic 2010

Then came the selection titled Best of LIAF 2010. I would like to highlight 12 Years by Daniel Nocke, because it’s amazingly funny. It’s about a girl who as the synopsis says for twelve years ignored sneers and mockery and stood up for her relationship. But that was probably a mistake. Furthermore Wings and Oars by Vladimir Leschiov also deserves applause for its beautiful visuality. It is not only the winner of London International Animation Festival but got an award at the Annecy Animation Festival 2009, too. Crocodile by Kaspar Jancis also grabbed our attention. It’s a story of a former opera star who must by the will of Fate work as a Crocodile in a styrofoam costume entertaining children in the children’s playroom of a shopping centre. This kind of life seems joyless and even disgusting to the former leading tenor, and he vents his frustration by behaving rudely. Until one day, into his life enters a fateful woman and… a crocodile. Finally we also loved Family Portrait by Joseph Pierce about a family portrait that goes horribly wrong as jealousy and suspicion bubble to the surface under the photographers relentless gaze.

Family Portrait by Joseph Pierce

Then we watched for a little bit of change another block of the Hungarian Competition Programme. This time a couple of episodes form TV-Series. It was all about nostalgia. New pieces from old masters like The Tragedy of Man / Oh, Fortune! by Marcell Jankovics, and a couple of cute but wittx fairy tales like The Talking Grape, the Smiling Apple, the Tinkling Peach or The Silken Meadow directed by Mária Horváth and Lajos Nagy. We also loved the episodes from the In the Round Four-Cornered Forest and The Wildly Travelled Little Mouse series. It was like being a child again. Thanks for the experience.

The Talking Grape, the Smiling Apple, the Tinkling Peach or The Silken Meadow

We ended the day with a European delicacy Chico & Rita made by Tono Errando, Javier Mariscal and Fernando Trueba directly from Spain at the European Competition Programme. It was a future film for a change and we had a nice feeling after watching it, though it was quite melodramatic and sometimes completely all over the top with all that passion, fighting and singing. So at the end of the day we had to realize that animation is all about music and it rocks!