Make films in 3×3 days and present them in the cinema!
Join this week of filmmaking frenzy and bring your ideas and equipment!

Event dates: September 2 – 11
Location: Jugendclub ELOK
Screenings on September 4, 7, 10 at Kino Moviemento

Kino encourages participants to learn about the craft of filmmaking by making films, unshackled by the burden of resources, time and money. Kino provides filmmakers of all skillset, background, ability and experience with a sup-port network to write, shoot and edit their projects as well as an opportunity to show the work to a large audience. Founded in Montreal ten years ago, the movement has spawned cells in cities around the globe. The week-long filmmaking experiment will pair veterans with newbie filmmakers, actors and crew members (absolute beginners or industry professionals). More experienced kinoïtes will mentor teams and infuse the workshop with their own unique perspectives, skills and culture. Participants will team up to write, shoot and edit short films during the 2 or 3 days of each round, at the end of which the resulting work will be screened to a cinema audience. The last screening will be followed by a party in honor of the participants and organizers. The films are broadcast & maybe uploaded.


Participants will meet and edit in the KINO LAB, situated at ELOK, Laskerstrasse 6 – 8, Berlin Friedrichshain, S Ostkreuz. The KINO LAB will be fitted with a little bit of filmmaking and editing equipment. The KinoKabaret is a non-competitive, collaborative project: participants with experience will assist those who need it. Sharing equipment, lodging and skills is the backbone of this workshop. Please carefully read the GUIDE TO THE KINOKABARET (explanation, procedure, technical information) and the RULES (code of conduct, safety, insurance, broadcast agreement). With your application and signature you accept them. Please be punctual for the production meetings at 10 AM! Please label all your equipment with your name. What makes KinoKabarets special is its mix of participants: amateurs mix with more experienced people, artists mix with technicians, locals mix with international participants, and people of all abilities learn from one another. The concept is successful and a lot of fun precisely because it is inclusive and non-judgmental. As we endeavor to make the KinoKabaret an accessible event, the KINO LAB will be made accessible for people with a disability. We have a ramp.

The number of participants is limited. Participants from Berlin should host international guests!


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