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In the age of co-production based European cinema, Sarajevo City of Film is one of the most inspiring and useful initiative for young talents. In cooperation with the project is delighted to present an online selection of Sarajevo City of Film.

Sarajevo City of Film is a project for the realization of short micro-budget films, created through artistic and technical cooperation between young filmmakers from South-Eastern Europe.

All screened authors are entrants of the last two editions of the Sarajevo Talent Campus, whose work represents the future of regional cinematography. The shootings took place in Sarajevo, the city known as being crossroads of different cultures and religions, and a symbolic film centre of the region. From 2008, each year four to five shorts were filmed, and premiered at the Sarajevo Film Festival. In this online collection you can watch the most inspiring works made in the Sarajevo City of Film framework.

Alena’s Journey was one of the first ones realised in the SCF project. The story by Károly Ujj Mészáros is about Alena, an inhibited, thirty-year old accountant from Sarajevo who has a plane to catch, but everything seems to work against her. Meanness at the workplace and the cruel secrets of the Balkan war come to the surface while in the meantime Alena bravely struggles to achieve her goal.

Waiting by Dániel Béres is an innovative artistic reconstruction of the zombie film genre. It’s about a girl who – while taking a walk through the centre – discovers something very strange about the people of Sarajevo. They seem like lifeless ’zombies’, they only come alive for a few seconds to perform a little scene written down for them. She takes it as a joke first and fools around until she comes across someone with a paper: „Kill her!” written on it.

Pink River by Zacharias Mavroeidis is a daring piece on the gay issue. The story focuses on Mari, who after living in London for 10 years, returns to Sarajevo to sell a house she inheritated. While in town, she meets and catches up with Asja, her ex girlfriend. The two women and their opposing lifestyle choices will soon come in conflict.

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