A Brand New Online Magazine from Daazo.com

We all love summer, just as we love short films. Summer is a dedicated time for short film people. On one hand, it’s the most frequented period for shooting a film: the weather is good, and you can easily gather friends to team up to create something cool.

On the other hand, it’s the time to watch shorts wherever you want: fancy a festival in Southern Europe with open air screenings? You can find dozens. Or are you just having fun at the beach? In the brave new world of short films, you just get your smartphone and after a few tappings you can reach Daazo.com and the best shorts are there for you. Which include yours, of course, if you want to add them – and they will always be there for you.

In May, we came out with the first edition of our World of Shorts Magazine – apropos of the Cannes Film Festival. Now we can admit that we were a little nervous about it. “Is it worth the effort? Do people want to read about short films?” – we were asking ourselves. The answer was quite clear. More than 10.000 unique readers thumbed the magazine, which is really great for a start.

So we would definitely like to continue and the Sarajevo Film Festival seems to be the perfect opportunity to make World of Shorts even more complex. The SFF, one of the coolest European cinema events in the summer, includes many interesting projects that are very attractive for short film makers from South-Eastern Europe. Talent Campus; Sarajevo City of Film; Competition – what a nice journey for a filmmaker from the region. Károly Ujj-Mészáros has done it – he’s just waiting for his first feature to screen in SFF’s competition. Beginning directors, producers can get pretty much from this festival – now you can read about their experiences in this issue.

Also, we at Daazo.com think that our mission – to put short films in the spotlight – is not a lonely mission. So we asked some of our friends to join to the WOSH project: the London-based Raindance organisation is present with an article that summarises all the important steps to become a successful short film director. Barcelona-based Shortz.tv has written a smart article about the current state of short film distribution.

We would like to involve as much creativity as possible. So we asked the directors of the Competition Short Film to make a drawing that illustrates their film best. It could be a symbol, a landscape or the main character’s childhood phobias. No rules, just pure self-(and film) expression. We think this is much more interesting than an old fashioned Q&A with the well-known questions. Also, we asked talented photographers from the region to illustrate the magazine.

Summer is the perfect time for shorts. And for enjoying the longest World of Shorts Magazine’s Sarajevo Edition.