Directors from the Sarajevo Short Film Selection draw a sketch of their films

To better illustrate the relationship between directors and their films, we put their creativity to the test. Using pencil and a piece of paper, they were asked to spontaneously draw something about thier film, a symbol, a landscape, the main caracter’s dreams or phombias. No drawing skills required. Fresh and raw, out of their minds.

Blaž R. Kutin

Born in 1970, graduated in Ethnology and Sociology of Culture from the University of
Ljubljana. Worked as journalist and translator. For his feature film script Lara he won the Media New Talent of the European Union Award 2006. The same year he made his first short film, Principessa. His feature film debut was We’ve Never Been to Venice (2008) which screened at numerous film festivals around the world. He currently lives in Berlin.

WARM FOR THIS TIME OF YEAR – Tibor is sitting alone outside a bar. After a while he runs out of cigarettes, but the nearby tobacco stand is closed. He heads on and does not stop walking.