Directors from the Sarajevo Short Film Selection draw a sketch of their films

To better illustrate the relationship between directors and their films, we put their creativity to the test. Using pencil and a piece of paper, they were asked to spontaneously draw something about thier film, a symbol, a landscape, the main caracter’s dreams or phombias. No drawing skills required. Fresh and raw, out of their minds.

Hüseyin Karabey

Born in 1970, Huseyın Karabey pursues film directing since 1996. He graduated from the Film & Television department, Fine Arts School of the Marmara University in 2001. His short films, documentaries and his first long feature “Gitmek – my Marlon and Brando” (Best Director – Tribeca FF 2008) have been shown at many important festivals and have won various awards. Currently he is involved as Artistic Director in the production of an Omnibus project entitled “Do not Forget me Istanbul” where 6 internationally renowned directors each shoot a short segment about the city. Next in line for Karabey is the production of his second Feature film, “Come to my
Voice” which has participated in the Cannes Atelier and has been allocated financial support from “Fon Sud”. Principal photography is due to start in May 2011.

No Darkness Will Make Us Forget – A black and white animation about Hrant Dink, the Armenian journalist killed by a Muslim nationalist in Istanbul in 2007. His wife’s speech at the funeral became a manifesto of peace and tolerance between Muslims and Christians.