Directors from the Sarajevo Short Film Selection draw a sketch of their films

To better illustrate the relationship between directors and their films, we put their creativity to the test. Using pencil and a piece of paper, they were asked to spontaneously draw something about thier film, a symbol, a landscape, the main caracter’s dreams or phombias. No drawing skills required. Fresh and raw, out of their minds.

Veljko Popović

Veljko Popović (1979) graduated in 2003 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Department of Painting. In 1998 starts working professionally with computer graphics. Co-founder of Lemonade3D, studio for 2D and 3D graphics and animation.  Director of short  animated films, some of which won international awards (Animafest,  Annecy, Aspen Shortsfest, Eastern European Animation Award  and others). He teaches animation at the Arts Academy in Split.

DOVE SEI, AMOR MIO – A nice old lady is living a lonesome life, filled with small rituals and melancholic memories about some better days. Still, there’s something strange about her… The power of denial and fear of change keep the old lady trapped in her worst nightmares until suddenly a long-kept secret emerges and the old lady can’t escape it anymore.

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