Winners of the Sarajevo Cocktail Film Contest

Enjoying a cool breeze and having an icy cocktail in the summer heat is always a good idea, especially in a hot place like Sarajevo during the Film Festival. So organised a refreshing competition for Sarajevo Talent Campus participants called the Sarajevo Cocktail Film Contest. The idea was to shake up their talent and to get them compete online with energizing short films of any genre, country or age. The contest was wide open and in the end we got the mixture we expected. The perfect cocktails are ready to enjoy. Here are the winners of the Sarajevo Cocktail Film Contest!

The winners with the most refreshing filmmaking recipes were announced at the closing session of the Sarajevo Talent Campus. The Award chosen by Daazo founders went to Jelena Gavrilovic for her short titled Boys, Where Are You. The story is about a girl losing her virginity just to get it over with. It is only a fragment of her day, though the film paints a complete picture of what that life might be like for her.

The winner of the Audience Award is Paralyzed by Ognyan Kostovski from Bulgaria. It got the most “likes” on and was the most viewed film in competition as well. We totally understand why the viewers loved it so much. Paralyzed is a funny stop-motion animation accompanied by the music of The Used. The hero we follow flies, drinks, fights plastic soldiers and does all kind of crazy things to get over his ex-girlfriend. It’s sad but with a funny edge. Yes, we got it and the audience, too. Watch the film!

The two best recipes for filmmaking in the Sarajevo Cocktail Film Contest won participation in a refreshing Raindance Course in London, where they can shake up their talents. The host of the weekend film course is with Elliot Grove, founder of Raindance Film Festival and the British Independent Film Awards.

Congratulations to the winners and to all participants!

The winning short films and all the entries can be watched on