The first event of an experimental film workshop, KINO KABARET PRAHA, will be held in Prague from the 27th September till the 2nd October 2011.

Kino kabaret is a gathering of young international film makers who will produce original short films which are to be screened in cinemas across Prague during Kabaret.

The Kino Kabaret in Prague is the first event of it’s kind in the Czech Republic. The idea itself was born in Montreal in 2001 (details here) and has spread to more then 60 cities all over the world during the last decade. The idea of kabarets is base on the non-competition and liberty of film production principles in a short limited time. The goal of the whole event is to have fun during film production with a creative group of young, international film makers and to help each other.

Kino Kabaret Praha will be devided into three two-days sessions. Each session lasts 33 hours. The more short films are created during this time, the better. Film makers are awarded by having their freshly made films screened in cinemas across Prague. The next day after screening the film makers gather again and start a new session. The Kino lab is the production base for film makers to meet, create film crews and work on post-production. Located at K4 Club,a very convenient location in centre of Prague.

Anyone can apply – both amateur and professional film makers, directors, actors, musicians, sound recordists, editors, scriptwriters and so on. Themes and style of films are arbitrary. The 10 EUR (CZK 250) fee for each session covers 2 breakfasts and organization expenses. You can attend as many sessions as you like.

The films produced during Kino Kabaret Praha will be screened at the following cinemas -NoD (September 28, 9PM), Světozor cinema (September 30, 10.30 PM) and BIO OKO cinema (October 2, 9PM). Tickets cost CZK 60 for anyone except the Kabaret participants.

You can find out more information at:

Applications will be accepted until September 15th 2011.

The maximum number of participants is 70.