Do you see it? Do you also get it? Come Tuesday in Budapest KINO Cinema!

KEDD  Animation  Film  Studio  (where  Oscar-nominee  Maestro  was  created)  jointly  with  KINO Cinema launches its publicly open animation student film club. In the fall you can get  an insight into how and for what purposes animated short films are made, and understand how  they work as motion pictures. During this three months we will explore the various animation  film  techniques  and  how  animated  films  interpret  such  disciplines  as  literature,  sociology,  history,  art,  ecology  or  music.  You  will  see  must-see  classics  and  the  latest  cutting-edge  shorts in a single sitting per week. Our guides will be such film experts and animation film  makers  as  Géza M. Tóth,  director  of  Maestro,  the Oscar-winner Ferenc Rofusz  or  Daazo-favorites Tomek Ducki and Attila Bertóti.

Week  after  week  as  an  accompanying  program  makes  a  short  film  public  from  the  current  KEDD-KINO  line-up.  Watch  the  given  short  online  and  enjoy  the  rest  of  the  programme live in KINO Cinema!

The  first  session  starts  at  4  pm.  September  13th  in  Budapest  KINO  Cinema  hosted  by  the Academy  Award  Winner  Ferenc Rofusz.  Participation  is  free  of  charge  and  everybody  is welcome.

See  KEDD-KINO’s  cinema  syllabus  below  and  check  out  their  blog  site  for  detailed  information about screening lists and invited professionals.


september 13.
– Drewing and Painting Animation

september 20.
– Digital Cartoon Film

september 27.
– Puppet Animation and Claymation

october 04.
– Stop Motion

october 11.
– Digital 3D Animation

october 18.
– Animation and Literature

october 25.
– Animation and the Fantastic

november 08.
– Animation and Art

november 15.
– Animation and History

november 22.
– Animation and Socilogy

november 29.
– Animation and Ecology

december 06.
– Animation and Music

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