Kornél Mundruczó’s short films on Daazo.com

Daazo.com, the short film sharing site supported by the Media Programme of the EU presents a collection of Kornél Mundruczó’s short films. The collection showcases Mundruczó’s early work, from his first school opus to his graduation film plus two special sketch episodes, introducing the audience to the foundation of a versatile feature oeuvre.

Kornél Mundruczó is one of the leading figures of the contemporary Hungarian film scene, a returning guest at Cannes: his consecutive features, Delta and The Frankenstein Project were both in competition at the festival. Daazo.com has brought together the director’s short films in this collection, ranging from his earliest work to more recent, award-winning pieces.

Mundruczó Kornél on Daazo.com

Mundruczó’s first school film, the surreal Haribó-Haribá (1999) takes the viewers to the mystical landscapes of a stomach made upset by too much liquorice.  His small-town film Afta went on to win numerous international awards (Oberhausen, Krakow, Ludwigsburg, Imola and St. Petersburg). In 2003, Joan of Arc on the Night Bus was invited to Director’s Fortnight in Cannes. His diploma film LITTLE APOCRYPHA No. 2 was the first Hungarian participant of Cannes’ Cinéfondation. Kornél entered in the Cannes Résidence in 2003 with his project  Delta. Another interesting short available  now on Daazo.com is Short Lasting Silence, the Hungarian episode of the sketch film Lost and Found that made its debut in the Forum section of the 54th Berlinale.

Mundruczó Kornél on Daazo.com

Simultaneously with Daazo.com’s online premiere, Budapest Trafo House of Contemporary Art presents Kornél Mundruczó’s new theatre project: Solymosi Eszter – The Story of a Trial, based on Gyula Krúdy’s documentary novel on the Tiszaeszlár blood libel. In this adaptation, Mundruczó set out to observe mechanism – the process through which belief becomes reality. Sadism, arguments, agression, self-flagellation; a series of macabre, film-like images – the play premieres at Trafo 2011 October 10-11.

For more information, visit Trafo homepage.