The European Union has voted confidence to Daazo again

For the fourth time in a row, has won the support of the European Union’s  MEDIA audiovisual programme. With the help of this funding, the short film site will be completely redesigned with a new look and structure to make it more user-friendly. was launched in 2007. The aim of its founders, Zoltán Áprily and Dániel Deák was to establish a platform for filmmakers and quality short films, and to create an archive of European short films on the Internet. MEDIA, the audiovisual programme of the EU, decided to support with a grant of 109,735 euros to call down during 2012. Other beneficiaries of the MEDIA’s 2011 “Video on Demand and Digital Cinema Distribution” were the art film channel MUBI (, the French EDCL – European Digital Cinema Library (, or the documentary platform Doc Alliance Films (

Details of the tender can be viewed here: