The 52nd Krakow Film Festival (KFF) will be held from 28 May to 3 June 2012. The aim of the Festival is to present and review documentaries, animated and short feature films in three competition as well as in other festival sections.

The competition sections include:

1) national competition open to films made in Poland with a running time of:
– documentary films – 60 minutes or less
– documentary films – more than 60 minutes
– animated films – 30 minutes or less
– feature films – 30 minutes or less

Polish producers submit their films only to the national competition. The Selection Committee decide about Polish films which will participate in the international competitions (they have to fulfil conditions specified in each competition). Polish premiere is not required but preference is given to the films that have not been theatrically released or screened at any festival in Poland before the 52nd KFF.

2) international short film competition open to documentary, animated and feature films with a running time of 30 minutes or less.

Polish premiere is not required but preference is given to the films that have not been screened in Poland at any festival held before 52nd KFF.

3) international documentary film competition open to documentaries with a running time of:
– 30 to 60 minutes – medium-length documentaries
– more than 60 minutes – feature-length documentaries

Polish premiere is required.

Only the films completed after 1 January 2011 are eligible for competitions.

The Festival Director shall decide whether the film has been admitted to the competition.
The films submitted for the previous editions of KFF that were not selected for screenings as well as those already screened will not be considered. The Applicants may not appeal against the Festival Director’s decision. The Organisers may withdraw from the requirements included in these Rules and Regulations for films of exceptional artistic value.

The non-competition sections include:

Subject to the Organisers’ decision, the films submitted for selection may be screened in the non-competition sections of the Festival: Panorama of the Polish Film, Krakow Documentary Premieres, Sound of Music, Somewhere in Europe, and others.


There is no fee for a film entry.

Films shall be submitted exclusively on DVDs.

Selection deadlines:
30 November 2011 for films completed before 31 August 2011
10 February 2012 for films completed after 31 August 2011

In order to be considered for selection, film must be submitted using on-line entry form available at and a preview copy (DVD) must be delivered as scheduled above (but not later than 7 days after on-line registration) to the following address:

ul. Basztowa 15/8a
31-143 Kraków
tel./fax: +48 12 2946945

If the above deadlines are not observed or the on-line entry form is not duly completed, the Organisers have no obligation whatsoever to admit the film. Preview copies (DVDs) submitted for selection will not be returned.

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