Today is THE day when we welcome you on board of a fascinating and full of variety world of Lithuanian short films.

A newly established Lithuanian Shorts agency asks for two minutes of your attention in order to reveal the secret of a country that was missing on the map of short films until today.

Lithuanian shorts agency is the key that helps to unlock and then promote, present and expand the visibility of the newest Lithuanian short films to the world. We strongly believe that those short cinematographic pieces work as a great tool to allow young professional filmmakers to ‘step up’.

The Lithuanian Shorts initiative establishes itself as a vital source for the international film industry and focuses on revealing the skills and unique artistry of Lithuanian film talents abroad.

The team of the Lithuanian Shorts agency has prepared an extensive collection of short films for you that helps the aspiring filmmakers to break into the world of recognition and appreciation. Lithuanian Shorts’s multifunctional initiative involves not only a website as a database but also a DVD selection.

Lithuanian Shorts combine quality of thought with quality of creativity, binding them together into new and unprecedented ways. Furthermore, they reflect the everyday lives and realities of Northern Europe.

Lithuanian short films come in all styles and genres, drawing from the whole range of human experiences, and also frequently focusing on some uncomfortable truths which are not always dared to be addressed otherwise.

All the characteristics of the emerging Lithuanian film generation are powerfully showcased in the selection of 15 shorts, and most of them have already embarked on a trip around international film festivals. An animation called “We May Meet, We May Not” has already been presented at the Clermont-Ferrand international competition; a colourful documentary “Born in USSR” had a premiere in the Sheffield Doc Fest, 2011; a drama called “I, Veteran” took part in the 33rd Moscow International Film Festival; and the first Lithuanian gay film “Porno Melodrama” was presented at the Berlinale in 2011.

Finally, the rest of the remarkable Lithuanian shorts in this collection have already been screened and have caught the attention of international viewers in numerous film festivals. With this selection Lithuanian Shorts invites you to enter and discover a distinctive and emotionally charged world of Lithuanian films. It guarantees an opportunity for everyone to find something of their own to relate to and enjoy.

Now join us and dive into the colourful and diverse ocean of Lithuanian Shorts!

text: Lithuanian Shorts
illustration: Matheus Lopes Castro