In the age of the digital revolution we might get the feeling that it is too easy to create films. We know, mainly older film buffs tend to say that – and normally we don’t agree with them. And sometimes – we have to admit – they are right.

Thanks to digital technologies, there are many films that are just brilliantly spontaneous – you grab your mobile and you shoot a masterpiece with it. Those films give us a good reason to celebrate the new ways of filmmaking. Behind the few success stories, however, there are quite a few works which all but deserve to be forgotten immediately.

We love spontaneous films, but in most of the cases, it’s better to spend more time to prepare your film properly. So in this issue of’s World of Shorts magazine we want to help you to start thinking before you press the red button on your camera. It’s always very difficult to be patient, but in our digital age sometimes you have to think analogue to find some time for the right decision. It is worth to ask a few very basic questions regarding your aims. And the most important one is: “Am I ready to make this film?” We should remember that back in the old, analogue world, we made more responsible decisions. And we were not always able to take the scene again, even if the lighting or the camera moving was not perfect. It lent a certain charm to the end product.

One of the best places to get prepared for making your film (and your career) is the Sarajevo Talent Campus (TC). Located in a city with a very special atmosphere, the Talent Campus provides a unique combination of lectures by world class film professionals and a familiar campus feeling. is delighted to be part of this on more than one level: with its World of Shorts magazine; with our Sarajevo Cocktail online film contest announced for TC participants; with our online premiere of the new pieces made in the framework of the Sarajevo City of Film project; and with a lecture on online film promotion and distribution strategy.

If you have already pressed the red button and have a good film in your pocket, you can find relevant articles as well. How to find the most suitable festivals for your work? How does the short film distribution work? How to get a new chance to make another film? The answers are all here.

There are so many opportunities for filmmakers – you dont have to do anything else, just think and make wise decisions. So use all the digital devices in order to shoot, edit and distribute your films, but in your mind, be analogue and dare to think before you shoot.

text: Dániel Deák
photo: Cristina Grosan