We would like to know a few things about you all (where you come from, how old you are, which field of the film arena you are active in).

Sanja Milardoviæ: I come from Rijeka, Croatia but I live and work in Zagreb. I am 24 years old and I work as an actress, although in my free time I like to write and work on screenplays.

Gavriil Tzafka: My name is Gavriil (Gabriel) Tzafka. I am from Greece and I am 26 years old. My field is film directing, which I studied at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Until now I have made 4 short films and one feature documentary.

Andrei Epure: I’m Andrei Epure, from Bucharest, Romania and I’m 23 years old.  After studying Romanian and German literature for two years at the National University of Bucharest,  I’ve decided to go towards studying film.

Julianna Ugrin: I’m Julianna Ugrin, 31 years old, from Hungary. I’m a producer, working mainly in documentaries. However, a year ago I started to work on the development of Bálint Kenyeres’ HIER, which opened my interest to deepen my knowledge in the field of feature filmmaking as well.

Why do you think you were chosen? Where do you believe your strength lies when looking at your portfolio?

SM: I supose that I was chosen for the Talent Campus because of the showreel that I did especially for Sarajevo. It is not a usual showreel, it is more like a short movie about  an actress in different situations at auditions. In a way it combines my two great loves, acting and writing – maybe my strength lies in that fact that I love to work on projects not just as an actress but also like to be involved in writing a script and creating a story with directors or scriptwriters..

GT: I don’t really know the committee’s criteria. I believe that they are looking for active people with some good work in their portfolios. From my experience at the Berlinale Talent Campus I know that all participants are highly skilled and  eager to make films.

AE: If I analyse myself and my work, I feel I must take into consideration that the screenplay I have written and sent is focused on the atmosphere and on the inherent tension, rather than on the action itself; thus, it implies a certain level of suggestion as far as the visual is concerned.
I might therefore presume that this is a strength I have managed to convey.
Apart from that, I feel – now that I`ve been selected – that the sincerity with which I have developed it was transparent. And maybe this is also a strong point.

JU: Where my strength lies? I believe in films, in good stories, in quality, in human creativity, and in teamwork. Since the beginning I have worked hard to learn and know more and more. The film field is a special territory of art which is continuously changing and evolving. As a producer I have to open my ears and eyes to be able to ensure all necessary conditions, financial and artistic, to make the author’s dream happen. I had the chance to live abroad and to work with foreign crews, which helped me to learn to think internationally. This is a fight. A sweet fight for great films.

What made you apply to the Talent Campus? What are you looking for that you cannot find in your own environment?

SM: I’ve applied for the Sarajevo Talent Campus because I think it is a great platform to meet young colleagues and also established people from our business. Just to be around all these people for a week is definitely a precious experience in many ways.

GT:  I applied to the Sarajevo Talent Campus because I need to meet other young filmmakers who are on the same level with me in order to find new colleagues and discuss our projects. My goal is to collaborate with them in the near future. In addition, the masterclasses are a big plus. Cinema is a collective art. The Talent Campus organizes it very well in a few days. At the end you feel that you’ve got one step further. It is a unique opportunity.

AE: Apart from the experience of meeting and working with such a vast collectivity of internationally acclaimed professionals, which was probably my main goal,
I particularly feel that the consultants of the screenwriting platform are not prejudiced as far as my screenplays – or such works in general – are concerned.
And when I say prejudice, I refer to the unfortunately not too frequent impartiality towards projects found in academic field.
I therefore believe that the aid and feedback might serve extremely well in my professional development.

JU: Experienced mainly in documentaries, I applied to the Talent Campus to deepen my knowledge in feature films, and to get to know young talents from all over the world. I’m developing Time Eraser, my first feature film as a producer which has real international potential, so I hope to meet co-producers and to find funding possibilities. On the other hand, as in the new Hungarian funding system there aren’t any grants for shorts, I’m also looking for funds which support their production.

Have you made any preparations for the T.C? (put together a website, printed business cards, burned DVDs?) What are you hoping to achieve there? Who would you like to meet?

SM:  I didn’t make any special preparations for the Campus because I think if you meet somebody and find out that you have same goals, you will find a way to connect and to work with them.
I hope to meet people who will inspire me, to connect and share ideas, to find out new ways of doing your job…These are all very general hopes because I don’t have an exact plan about what I want to gain from this… And I believe in the saying that Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get..

GT: My project Young Greek Immigrants has also been selected to be presented at the Cinelink. That means that I have a lot of work and a lot of preparation to do in order to have a good pitch in front of film industry professionals. I already uploaded my work to the Internet so it will be easy to show it. I have also updated my website (www.gabrieltzafka.weebly.com). I have to print business cards with my updated details. I’m sure that I will meet people who want to cooperate, who are looking for new ideas and who are thirsty to realize them. The collaboration between young filmmakers with a different cultural background can offer powerful films. That’s what I’m looking for!

AE: I have put together a portfolio containing several of my screenplays, and I hope to present them at the TC. Naturally, I would enjoy meeting as many “titans of the industry” as possible, but if I had to choose who to meet,it would probably be Charlie Kaufman,  Michael Haneke and Nuri Bilge Ceylan.

JU: I have had several consultations with the director of my project to be able to represent his intentions as faithfully as I can.

How do you see your work continuing after the TC?

SM: I can’t say how I think my work is going to be changed by this experience. But I am sure it is going to be a very useful and pleasant campus.

GT: International and colourful!

AE:  After the TC and its project development platform, I wish to begin  writing my first feature – on which I am already working – and I presume that the TC experience will help me a great deal.

JU: With the knowledge and the network gained at the Talent Campus, I will continue my work even more confidently.