Whether we think about set-top boxes or integrated solutions, different web-based services are slowly but surely becoming available on TV sets, opening a whole new world of home entertainment. Here are 7 things you will love about having a connected TV.

1. You will soon forget classic, linear TV channels, and choose from amongst thousands of applications offering a great alternative.

2. You can easily synchronize your mobile devices with your TV and experience your own media on the big screen.

3. You can check your profiles of different community services and share your status or ideas directly from your TV.

4. You don’t need to use a classic TV remote control any more: your smart phone works just like one, and you can use a comfortable keyboard instead of the old school numbers.

5. Daazo.com is available on Samsung Smart TV, with thousands of short films you can watch for free.

6. If you are quick, you can start the next episode so your mum thinks you are still watching a single episode

7. Watching connected TV actually feels like you are more part of a community than when you are slumped in front of old style TV.

Fallen in love already?

Special thanks to Max Ward (7 years) for his insightful thoughts.

text: Zoltan Aprily
photographs by FORTEPAN