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Bori Péterfy is one of the most popular pop divas in Hungary, her concerts attract huge crowds of fans. The singer comes from a dynasty of artists: her great-grandfather was the poet Lajos Áprily, her grandmother, the actress Adrienne Jancsó, her grandfather, writer and poet Zoltán Jékely, her father, sculptor László Péterfy, her brother, writer Gergely Péterfy, her cousin writer Márton Gerlóczy. She is even married to an artist: her husband is photographer Dávid Merényi.

Bori Péterfy started her career as an actress, although she wasn’t even accepted to drama school first. She didn’t give up and in the end, life proved her right. She has been member of several significant theatres and she has worked with directors like Árpád Schilling and Béla Pintér, and later at the Hungarian National Theatre. Besides her  memorable stage appearances, she has also starred in numerous films and has been awarded for her acting several times.

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In this channel, has collected short films with Bori Péterfy in the main role.  She always plays strong and charismatic women who have to make important decisions in crucial life situations. She can easily transform into character, whether it be a wild pole dancer or run-down schoolteacher, a no-nonsense, strict woman or a sensitive girl thirsting for love.

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