Daazo.com has added some new features recently and one of the most interesting is definitely the Challenge section of the website. Challenges are funky little games for the Daazo.com community, where you can compete your different filmmaking skills with some fellow filmmakers. From now on, each week the editors of Daazo.com will announce a challenge based on a topic or genre of filmmaking. Together with our community, we will look for short films with the best application of different skills, like the use of close ups or slow motion for example, or we will search for the best use of different well known situations like boy meets girl or dream sequences.

The winning films of the challenges will be featured all around Daazo.com: on our main page, on our Facebook page and on our blog as well. We will highlight the filmmaker as well with a short Q&A on our blog.

Challenges are very easy to take part. You just go to the challenge’s page on Daazo.com and if you are a registered user, you just click on the submit button and choose your film you want to submit. You film has to be set public, otherwise it won’t appear on the list.  If you don’t have your film on Daazo.com yet, but you want to take part,  just click the upload button and upload your film to the challenge.  You can always check and edit your submissions under the “submissions” tab of the actual film’s “edit your film” page.

You can take a look of the challenges on Daazo.com here.