An interview with  Nino Jincharadze, creator of The Light, winner of Daazo’s Sarajevo Cocktail Film Contest in 2012.

When did you first know that you wanted to be a filmmaker?

It first happened when I was fourteen years old. My friends and I decided to make a film. We had a small home camera and wanted to shoot a horror movie in my cellar. In the end, our horror film became very comical and funny. This was my first attempt of filmmaking.

Your film The Light won the first prize at Daazo’s Sarajevo Cocktail film contest. It is a brilliant film with a powerful atmosphere, interesting animation and a strong message. Tell me about how you came up with the idea for this film!

Can you tell us any interesting stories about the developing/filming of The Light?

Thanks for your kind words, wonderful prize and great appraisal.
The storyline of the film doesn’t belong to me. I just made some changes in the script and put a different idea in it, which I think was more suitable for this story.  The director agreed with me and we made it together.

In the film I wanted to mention a reflection of industrial revolution principles on people’s lives, when people became part of the industrialized world and started to think, work and behave like technical equipment. They rejected and ignored everyone and everything that didn’t fit the standard.

Have you got any plans for other films? Features or shorts? Live action or animation? Can you tell me a few words about what short film as a genre means to you?

Yes, of course. Currently, I’ve got several projects of the short films which I want to develop in the future. I think that short film is the best chance for filmmakers to start their career. It offers a good chance to search your cinematic technique and develop your professional skills and crafts. Working on shorts, you are not focused on selling, an income or other material profit, I think it just gives you a chance to promote yourself, and to show all your potential and possibilities to your audience, future partners, investors etc. It is a way to get valuable festival experience, to set up important contacts and expand your professional network. It’s a good opportunity to accumulate all resources that you need for working in the filmmaking business.  So, it might become a key to your successful future professional life.

Do you plan to make live action films in the future? If yes – who is the actor you would love to work with most? Do you have role-model directors?

I’ve got a huge list of the actors by whom I get really inspired. But I want to name only a few of them whom I would love to work with on my future project.

So, let’s see: I have roles for Audrey Tautou, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jeremy Irons, Willem Dafoe, Adrian Brody, Christopher Walken, Gary Oldman. It would be great to work with them.  I hope that one day I will make it happen!

Yes, I’ve got my favorite directors, whom I am so grateful to – not only for their great contribution to my filmmaking ways, but also in developing my determination and creativity.
Truffaut, Ozon, Tarkovsky, Kieslowski,  Bertolucci, Pasolini, Antonioni, Herzog, Jarmusch and many more… great masters of all time, each with an absolutely different and wonderful style of telling their stories. They formed my cinematic taste and sensibility.

Do you watch other filmmakers’ short films? What inspires you and how do you work?

I always watch short films, whenever I’ve got the possibility. Short films sections are my favorite part of  film festivals. And I want to thank  Daazo, for making available a great catalogue of shorts. I’ve seen a lot of wonderful movies here.

What inspires me? – Every problematic issue around me.

To tell the truth, I’m not working on the script so often independently, but when it happens, I always try to imagine every detail of the script, how it would be realised in the film.
Furthermore, I always check the importance of each scene. I must make sure myself why I need exactly this scene, What it gives me, What it could change if I cut this scene from the script.

How do you see yourself in 10 years’ time? What are your dreams and what do you think the reality will be?

Hmmm… in 10 years… Thanks for this question, it makes me happy, thinking about what I can reach in this period of time. Perhaps I will make my own project starring with one of the above mentioned artists. I hope I’ll be more experienced, skilled and well established in the international film industry.  I’ll meet many talented directors, artists, cinematographers and I’ll make great films with their support.
I don’t like dreaming. I prefer specific aims and realistic plans about how to reach my goals.

Interview by Zsuzsanna Deák