Jointly organized by the Foundation for Contact Dance & Orkesztika Foundation.

For the platform of One-minute Dance Films you can apply in two categories:
– introductory (off)
– competition

The films can be recorded by a mobile phone, camera or film camera. They can be experimental films, animations or anything else if their topic is related to Body_Dance_Picture and they are maximum 1 minute long (without credits).(Recommended aspect ratio: 16:9)

Please upload your film to and add it to the Body_Dance_Picture contest. On your application form, add the link and embed code of the film.

For more information about the uploading process, please contact the Daazo team on

The film contest on Daazo:

Deadline (the films have to be uploaded by this date): 31th December 2012

Application form

The application form can be downloaded from the following web-site as well

– Best One-minute (Jury price)
– Audience prize

The films will be screened in January, 2013 at the venues of the SzólóDuó 2013.

More information: