7th International Short Film Festival zubrOFFka is going to take place between 5 and 9 December 2012 in Bialystok and Podlasie.

As usual, the Festival’s promoter Bialystok Cultural Centre – DKF “GAG” has tried hard to make it a real feast of short films, various film forms and good music. In five competition sections we shall present 76 films from Poland and other parts of the world.

The competition films will be judged by the following jury members: Maryna Vroda ( a Ukrainian film director awarded all over the world, e.g. in 2011 in Cannes for the best short film “Cross Country”), Elan Keidan (an Israeli poet, screenwriter, editor and short films director; in 2008 his short “Anthem” was awarded in Cannes as the best student film); Maciej Szupica (born in Bialystok, based in Gdansk, a video artist, film set designer, computer graphic, poster designer, fusion arts specialist, a member of D4D, The Saint Box, Gypsy Pill).

Additionally, in various parts of Podlasie you will have a chance to see films from other film festivals, such as  ONEDOTZERO, DOKUFEST in Kosovo, QUEER LISBOA FILM FESTIVAL, REYKJAVIK SHORTS & DOCS FESTIVAL, JAPAN MEDIA ARTS, TIMISHORT FILM FESTIVAL, SAMI SHORTS – LAPONIA, SAM SPIEGEL – FILM  & TELEVISION SCHOOL from Jerusalem. Fans of short films will be delighted with special night screenings: animated puppet horrors SCARY PUPPETS, and SEXY DOLLS – animated puppet erotica! For fans of MIDNIGHT MOVIES we have prepared a special set of shorts where bug people, terrifying brain suckers and other evil creatures emerge from the screen and enter the viewers’ imagination! There will also be a compulsory matinee with  a fascinating world of Latino shorts and cuisine, that is SPANISH FILM BREAKFAST. Due to 100th anniversary of Estonian Cinema, we will present a wide selection of Estonian Cinematography. You will have a chance to see a display of EESTI 100 as well as Estonian fairy tales included in ST. NICHOLAS’ SHORTS selection. Each  year ZUBROFFKA tries to promote other friendly festivals and so this year people from our region will have an opportunity to see films from OPOLSKIE LAMY (Opole Lamas ) and DOZWOLONE DO 21 (Up to 21).

The Festival will have a truly powerful opening: the father of British documentary John Grieson’s DRIFTERS (1929) with live music by a British beatboxer and sound artist JASON SINGH. Using vocal sequence techniques as well as transforming and sampling his voice, Jason creates ambient structures based on experimental atmosphere – a truly unique and original soundtrack conjured up with a human voice!

The closing of the Festival and the Awards Gala should be interesting as well, honoured with a concert of a truly insane male crew under the command of Arkadiusz Jakubik Dr MISIO. The band’s frontman is an actor, director, associated with many ambitious film projects. He is highly-regarded for his performances in such films as The Wedding, Dark House, You are God. Additionaly, during the Festival Mr Jakubik will conduct acting classes based on his own screenplay. Furthermore, Monika Kuczyniecka, a recognized animated music video artist, will conduct PLASTICINE ANIMATION WORKSHOP.

Zubroffka Festival is also a unique chance to listen to interesting and diverse music. This year in Bialystok will hear the Ukrainian project MAMA DIASPORA vs YURIY GURZHY, that is the agents of His Majesty Balkan Electro Dub with a licence to dance. There will also be an excellent mix of music, visual arts and great fun, i.e. GYPSY PILL. There will also be shaken and stirred duo PABLOPAVO  and PRACZAS, and also JAHCOOZI – a leading representative of Berlin club scene, serving a mix of abstract electronic beats, built up by the vocals of coming from Sri Lanka Sasha Perera. A music cherry on top should be the concert of  London based  THE BUG – the project of a sound extremist and brilliant produces Kevin Martin (God, Techno Animal, King Midas Sound, etc.) assisted by Mc FLOW DANA, in other words, a real paradise for enthusiasts of pitch-black bass, pounding beats and Jamaican choruses.

For those who may not know yet,  we would like to remind  that International Short Film Festival ZUBROFFKA is an open event unobstructed by anything, respecting otherness and diversity so characteristic for the region of Podlasie. It is a place bringing together the artists who are OPENMINDED, have a sense of HUMOUR, value NATURE and its produce. The Festival aims to  be a platform for exchanging ideas and thoughts, enabling fruitful meetings between artists form the East and the West.

Here is the list of films qualified for the competitions