Between January 25-27, 2013 NISI MASA is organizing GENERATOR – Youth Audiovisual Forum in Strasbourg. NISI MASA is looking for 120 participants aged 18 – 35 who will not only be debating the future of audiovisual culture in Europe along with experts and policy makers, but will also take part in a number of daily workshops.

In three days NISI MASA will lead you through a journey of different activities: from a Kino Cabaret, a scriptwriting marathon, Nisimazine workshop to other trainings, seminars and discussion panels on transmedia, youth and audiovisual European funding, alternative ways of cultural funding, to evening screenings. Expect a NISI MASA festival!

Expect Kino Kabaret, where  40 adrenaline-driven film-makers, will be on a movie making frenzy. On the final evening of the forum your films will be screened and frugal and fun filmmaking will truly make a splash on European audiovisual culture.

Expect a scriptwriting marathon where participants will be guided in bringing their ideas closer to the screen by learning about cinematographic story telling through an intense submersion into the world of inspiration, confrontation and going crazy. Battling with a promising idea, the NISI MASA trainers will guide you and help you develop it. Come to Strasbourg and be a part of writing the story of GENERATOR.

Expect a film-criticism workshop, where an experienced team that has been involved in organizing the many Nisimazine workshops will be there to give you a crash practical course. We will be selecting 20 participants with a passion for cinema and a knack for words who will get a chance to learn more on writing about films. Previous experience in film journalism, professional or otherwise, is not required. We’re hoping to help you polish your skills in order to help you make your critical voices heard.

For emerging, but also experienced filmmakers they offer an editing workshop through which you will gain a better grasp on how to express your creativity through audiovisual discourse. Also, if you’d like to present your film and get feedback from other filmmakers, the “Feedback Me” panel is just for you.

If you are a cultural manager or work at an NGO, you can participate in culture management trainings provided by experienced trainers from our member associations.

Besides the workshops you’ll have the opportunity to attend debates and panels with European audiovisual professionals, experts and policy makers. The NISI MASA member associations will screen films resulted in their previous projects and they will present what they are planning next during a project fair.

For EU citizens NISI MASA is providing free accommodation for 3 nights in CIARUS Hostel and covering 75% of travelling costs (up to 200 Euro) if you apply until December 15, 2012.

Download the application form.

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