Films short‘s new competition is open for submissions during December 2012. Upload your film to Daazo, then submit it to the film contest to give your online short a real boost!

The Steps

If you want to give your online short a real boost this is the competition for you! FILMSshort remains the top site for peolpe searching for short films online. European shorts website Daazo will also select their favourite European film and promote it.

1. Submit one Daazo link via the Facebook app here during December. Films should have been completed after 2007, 2-15 minutes and in English/subtitled.

2. New for this competition is a small ($5/£3) submission fee.

3. The Films short (with some help) select 8 finalists and post them on the FACEBOOK page for your viewing pleasure. Two films will be posted each week for 4 weeks. “Likes” are not votes!

4. The judges will choose the overall winner, which will appear on the FILMSshort homepage, be promoted on Facebook and remain on the website as long as you want!

5. Daazo will select their favourite European film (includes UK) and if you upload it Daazo
(which you can do this after being selected) they will promote the film on the sit


Q. Are there any cash prizes?
A. No. But your $5 is repaid in promoting the winner on Facebook. This puts your film in
front of 1000s more in addition to the 1000s who will see it on FILMSshort (and Daazo).

Q. Why is there a submission fee this time?
A. Various reasons. But I have kept it to a minimal amount!

Q. Will you show preference to British and American films?
A. No. The last winner came from Iran! Watch it below.

Q. Who are the judges?
– Kino London.
– Colin Levy, director on Sintel.
– Johan Verschueren, writer on Gridlock.
– Erez Tadmor, director on Strangers and Offside.
– Daazo, the European short films website.