Meet the super creative director of Kulo City!

Danila Kostil was born in USSR as a child of Russian parents. His parents decided to move to Budapest, Hungary when Danila was 12, where he and his brother Luka attended Hungarian schools and learnt the language. Danila still detests the simplest questions in Hungarian TV game shows about nursery rhymes and fairy tales, but he loves the great Hungarian invention, the Rubik’s cube.

Rubik-cube and Danila Kostil

Danila studied Russian literature and linguistics at university, then he took an inter-media course at MOME. In his free time he fought for an important cause: to persuade passengers to stand on the right side on Budapest’s subway escalators. Danila continues to speak Russian to his parents, most of his friends are Hungarian, but he is currently living in Barcelona, spending a lot of time working in India, whilst campaigning for the acceptance of immigrants.

Together with his school friends, he created the company KOLINFILM that first produced one-minute spots and adverts. They gained some recognition for these films, but their first big work was the 15-minute me and I (a Chinese Story). The making of this film was greatly helped by the staff of Budapest Chinese takeaways and their Mongolian liquor.

Danila Kostil and a Daazo guy, Dani

Their father Vladislav, a teacher of technical skills, has helped a lot too. He designed the wind-up gadget featured in KOLIN band’s music video called Jimmy, which landed him on the 46th place on Cool List, which features the coolest people of the year. He has since even been compared to Michel Gondry, too.

The Kolin: Jimmy

And their biggest shot so far came right after this. “Budapest is a dirty, crappy place. But we still live here. We have to” – this is how Kulo City begins. The short film based on Attila Stark’s comic book and features the Budapest, the millennial city of parties, enthusiasm and lethargy. It is funny, sarcastic, cheeky, easy, disturbing and poignant at the same time. Pubs, friends, street scenes, writing, painting, making a living, girlfriend, dreams, wishes, disappointments, cheating, love, fear – these shards make up Kulo City into a film.

Danila has worked with the same team for years, his creative partner is DoP Gábor Garai: all of their films have been created together. They made a Vodafone noise campaign together, but they have made 3D music videos too.

 The KOLIN band’s Mountain King music video has since been added to all the Nintendos in the world.

The Kolin: Mountain King

They have now broken out of their home town Budapest, as well as Europe: they are now producing video ads for the Prague-based company Nomad Films in India.

Meanwhile, they are developing their future plans: Danila has been working on the story of Ukrainian amazons for a year and a half, since Kerric MacDonald drew his attention to this subject. After a few months of research, he managed to get in touch with the leader of the amazons. As a result of this, Danila will now accompany Ekaterina to her last professional thai boxing match in Bangkok – and hopefully, the film will also be finished soon.

Until then, Danila wants to concentrate on the completion of his studies. His short fiction, The Hands, will be finished for his graduation – and his supervisor is no other than Daazo’s old favourite, Monsieur Zuzu!

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